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Crossing Guards Needed in Balt. Co.

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Know someone looking for work?

From Baltimore County Police Community Outreach:

“Good morning. The Baltimore County Police is looking for School Crossing Guards. Our Traffic Management Team has asked our office to send out their recruiting flier to all of the community associations with the request that you post these on your social media platforms.

Unfortunately, we are very understaffed with School Crossing Guards and when there is no guard to work an assigned post a patrol officer, traffic officer or outreach officer must be assigned to work that location. School crossings are considered priority calls for service and must be manned by either the crossing guard or an officer and if a police officer is assigned to that detail they may not leave, even to handle a call for service close to them that citizens would consider more serious than the crossing of children (which would include burglaries, robberies, domestic violence, etc.)

Since school restarted (I used the approximate date of 04/01/21 to the very last day of school, 06/22/21) officer in the PC-12 Dundalk area have handled 827 crossing details. Each crossing detail lasts 30 minutes which equals a total of 24,810 minutes or a total of 413.5 hours or a total of 17.23 days assigned to the crossing of children for school instead of potentially handling calls for service or doing business checks or working a crash scene or traffic stop or other police related activities.”

A great American community organization for Dundalk and the Southeastern area of Baltimore County, Maryland.