Violence in Baltimore County Public Schools

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Baltimore County does not record violence, so long as suspension and expulsion are avoided as a disciplinary action.

We have heard from many community members over the years that our local schools have become more and more violent. People ask for safer schools and the schools, many have said have gotten worse.

Baltimore County has been reducing suspensions for a long time and attempting to reduce the number of suspensions superficially by race for a few years. Baltimore County’s own statistics show from 2004-5 to 2018-19, the percentage of suspensions went from 11.1% down toe 6.3%.

Obviously, the goal should be to reduce violence directly, but maybe simply reducing disciplinary actions for it will have the same effect?

After seeing how reducing disciplinary action failed in another town [Fig 1], we wanted to see how reducing disciplinary action has affected overall violence in BCPS too.

[Fig. 1] Clark County, Nevada school records showing as disciplinary actions declined, school violence and other inappropriate behaviors significantly increased

We asked Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) for “information on violence to students by year and violence to staff by year.

BCPS responded “no records exist that are responsive to your request.”

[Fig. 1, Fig. 2]
[Fig. 2] Letter response from MPIA Officer Baltimore County Public Schools
[Fig. 3] Letter response from MPIA Officer Baltimore County Public Schools

This is not an attack on the Baltimore County Public School system, it’s a wakeup call. You are needed to reduce violence – reducing suspensions does not make schools safer and may in fact have the exact opposite effect.

School Board members across the country must ask themselves, is reducing the level of safety in their schools worth the bureaucratic prize awarded for lower suspension numbers? Are you for education and safety or are you for political favor?

Not one black, white, rich or poor student benefits from increased violence in their schools. Nor do they benefit from the increased learning disruptions associated with increased violence and misbehavior.

NHCA President
David Rader II

Crossing Guards Needed in Balt. Co.

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Know someone looking for work?

From Baltimore County Police Community Outreach:

“Good morning. The Baltimore County Police is looking for School Crossing Guards. Our Traffic Management Team has asked our office to send out their recruiting flier to all of the community associations with the request that you post these on your social media platforms.

Unfortunately, we are very understaffed with School Crossing Guards and when there is no guard to work an assigned post a patrol officer, traffic officer or outreach officer must be assigned to work that location. School crossings are considered priority calls for service and must be manned by either the crossing guard or an officer and if a police officer is assigned to that detail they may not leave, even to handle a call for service close to them that citizens would consider more serious than the crossing of children (which would include burglaries, robberies, domestic violence, etc.)

Since school restarted (I used the approximate date of 04/01/21 to the very last day of school, 06/22/21) officer in the PC-12 Dundalk area have handled 827 crossing details. Each crossing detail lasts 30 minutes which equals a total of 24,810 minutes or a total of 413.5 hours or a total of 17.23 days assigned to the crossing of children for school instead of potentially handling calls for service or doing business checks or working a crash scene or traffic stop or other police related activities.”

Meeting Minutes 11/5/19

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Meeting starts at 7:03 p.m. With the pledge of allegiance. 

Guest speaker April Patterson from Civic works starts. They are located in East Baltimore on brehm’s Lane its a non-profit company on a mission to provide community service, job placement, and job training.

1-energy conservation lowers bills

2-staying comfortable inside your home


For solar you are assigned an energy advisor to explain and walk through the process they measure air leaks with a blower door test. And give an energy assessment to determine what is needed for your home to be energy efficient. For solar it is a 4-week permit process two to three days to install and then a week to get permission to operate.

You’ll receive 14 LED bulbs, shower heads, kitchen aerator and power strips. To qualify for free it goes by income, and household size. 

1 member must make under $52,850

2 members must make under $60,400

3 members must make under $67,050

4 members must make under $75,500

5 members must make under $81,550

6 members must make under $87,600

7 members must make under $93,650

8 members must make under $99,700

Program is for renters and home owners. Renters would need a signed document from their landlord granting permission.

Free weatherization program they will ask you a bunch of questions, schedule an energy assessment which will be about 3 hours long, you’ll get a report of your home, and if you want to go through with the program then you’ll schedule an appointment it takes two days to finish this report.

Officer Wakefield reports the dates between September 30th and November 4th.

442 calls to service, 90 reportable offenses, 2 destruction of property, 1 overdose, 8 narcotics, 1 Grand theft Auto, 5 theft from Auto, 4 miscellaneous thefts, 2 first degree burglary, 3 second degree burglary, 2 fourth degree burglary, and one robbery.

Cars and sheds crime is up be sure to keep your areas well-lit to deter crime. 

71 traffic stops, 132 checks of location, 8 parking complaints, and 2 abandoned autos. 

Report it protect yourself and your neighbors the more you report the safer they can make our area if they don’t know what’s going on, then they cannot help.

Vice President Sheila was sick

Community safety officer Barry was sick

Treasurer Kathy reports $1924.94 in bank

Weis gas station had a meeting at the library in 2017 but started building without putting signs up stating that they would be building on the site. need to contact traffic and engineering at Holabird and Delvale about that light getting turn lights installed. Maybe we can contact Buzz Beeler at the post to shine a light on the danger of that intersection.

Insurance from State farm would be $325 a year which will cover everything we need for events.

Clean up… The dumpsters… The new gun shop on Holabird avenue volunteered to host our cleanup and said that we could place dumpsters and they would man them if we choose to do so.

Open floor there’s talk about rats a certain neighbor has a lot of rats going in and out of her yard. There’s a pilot program that was started with 10 communities it’s now up to 23 communities and it’s based on calls to the county. They won’t offer us the program until the number of residents calling meets their expectations.

Meeting ends at 8:05 p.m.

Meeting Minutes 10/1/19

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Meeting starts at 7 p.m. With a pledge of allegiance.

Officer Wakefield gives his report from September 4th through September 30th. There were 289 calls to service, 48 reportable offenses, 2 narcotics traffic stops both were marijuana. There was one Grand theft Auto, 4 theft from autos, 2 miscellaneous thefts, one 4th degree burglary, and one robbery. There were 33 traffic stops, 88 checks of location, 13 parking complaints, 3 abandoned autos and one DUI. Be sure to lock your car doors and make sure no valuables are laying out car break-ins have been on an upswing in our area.

Our vice president Sheila said everything is good she has nothing to report.

Kathy Sladics are treasurer reports that we have $1,745 in the bank.

Barry said everything is looking good mentions that residents have been remembering to call and report, the county was out for two days sweeping our area,  and left tags on all of the offender’s doors. We were reminded to take pictures when we send in code violations, that pictures go a long way. If the person has an offense, and you take a picture they are more likely to get a fine because code enforcement has actual proof. Rather than coming out and it being too late. You can contact code enforcement at 410-887-3351 or online.

Leslie road parking near Birch neighbor is parking on the grass in front of the house.

Are repaving in the Westfield area is complete all we need now is for the painted lines.

Harbor freight open today 10-1-19 they are still hiring.

Rod McMillion opposed the construction of The sparrows point country club estates  because of overcrowding. Our school district is already overcrowded there are already trailers on every school property here in Baltimore county and we don’t have the space for all the extra kids that they are planning for with this new construction.

The parking lot behind salvos on Westfield road has been paid and the taxes are in good standing.

There is a gas station being built on Holabird avenue and Delvale and no notice was given.

The crosswalk at Holabird and Delvale is a very dangerous spot in the morning, and there is no crossing guard for the middle schoolers.

There’s a new gun shop that opened up on Holabird avenue it’s been in the works for years no notices were given to the community. 

The neighborhood space Bill 37 – 19

In project development companies need a certain percentage of open space. They get around it by green roofs or pools in roof tops.  They’re closing the loophole making “real” Green space mandatory. 

Open floor . 

There was talk about homeless encampments in local areas. There was a question they needed to know what the law and code was regarding encampments. Police department can address it, and push them out if it becomes a problem or a nuisance. They do monthly sweeps.

Rita road got a bigger stop sign from traffic and engineering to try and curb people from running the stop sign. Leslie road and railway there’s a missing stop sign. Officer Wakefield informed us that any road shaped like a T does not need a stop sign.

There’s a disconnected trailer on Leslie and Birch officer Wakefield will look into it he said it has to be connected if it’s parked on the street. 

Meeting ends at 7:50 p.m.

Meeting Minutes 9/3/19

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Meeting starts at 7 p.m. With the pledge of allegiance

Officer Wakefield gives his report August 1st through September 3rd there are 316 calls to service, 60 reports, 5 destruction of property, 2 overdoses (one died) ,2 narcotics, 2 Grand theft Auto, 4 theft from Auto, 3 thefts, 1 first degree burglary, and one 4th degree burglary. There were 30 traffic stops, 115 checks of location, 9 parking complaints, and 3 abandon automobiles. There’s been a lot of car break-ins in West Inverness. Heroin use is currently on an upswing.

Sheila our vice president was praising the new traffic poles by Dunkin donuts and IHOP.

Our treasurer Kathy note that July we had $1,656 in the bank she had some checks to make a deposit. 

We were approved for a grant of $400! $150 is for office supplies, and $250 is for national night out.

Barry would like to see speed cameras on Merritt boulevard, and at Holabird and Searles, as well as Delvale and Holabird.  There’s unanimous support for speed cameras at del-vale and Holabird.

Rod McMillion had a school safety meeting with us in July. Baltimore county public schools needs to know that the applications are not working there are no consequences there’s no discipline and we need to change that.

Repaving continues all over Dundalk this fall hopefully it will be completed.

National night out was rained out. 

Sparrows point country club estates sent us maps of their construction plans anyone who would like to look at them can contact us and we will surely share them with you.

There was a discussion about the parking lot behind Westfield road Ava has tried collecting the money Tracy Pender called the tax info and Mary made the plan to go and pay the property taxes so that we can secure the parking lot.

Harbor freight next to Ollie’s is now hiring so spread the word for anybody looking for a job.

Mary Lambert read an article about rats saying that they multiply rapidly and reproduce about 15,000 babies in one year so we need to get a handle on cleaning up the dog mess, and make sure trash can lids are on tight. So we can reduce the rat population in our area.

Parking in our area has been a major issue for some time and it was brought up that people need to take consideration with the way that they Park.

Meeting ends at 8:03 p.m

Meeting Minutes 6/4/19

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Meeting starts at 7 p.m. with a pledge of allegiance.

Officer Wakefield gives his report. from May 8th to June 4th, there are 305 calls to service, 61 reports, 2 destruction of property, 0 overdoses, 1 narcotics, two Grand theft autos, one medical emergency, three theft from Auto, two miscellaneous theft, 3 fourth degree burglaries, one robbery, 1 arson, 29 traffic stops, 98 checks of location, 9 parking complaints, and one abandoned Auto. he also reminds us that it’s summer people are out and about, so be aware of your surroundings! don’t be distracted by your cell phones! there are 15 to 21 year old doing Street robberies, and deception thefts. If purchasing online you have the option to meet up at the police station! the lobby of the police station is open 24/7.

The donation box at Walford is overflowing again. our fundraiser at ledo’s Pizza did very well. Kathy reported we have $1,508.36 plus we made $98 at Ledo’s and we had a donation of $50 from John Melzer.

Kathy heard from the speed guy at traffic and engineering. he said they put up a two-day counter out, and the average speed was 23 miles an hour. (which is a lie) they claim it’s a Police issue not traffic and engineering issue. Dave will call traffic and engineering to apply pressure. they have to do the study again they said they would do Leslie road again but it met the numbers not the speed and we asked them to clarify what volume means.

There was a card skimmer found MECU on Holabird avenue. The Dundalk heritage fair starts Friday June 28th. we are trying to get together a school violence meeting but there is no tentative date yet. We took a vote to see if we are having a meeting in July. there were 11 people in favor of no meeting and nobody against not having a meeting. No meeting in July it is! we also voted unanimously that Sheila will host national night out again we set up a date to shop. National night out will be August 6th 2019 at 7 p.m.

Meeting ends at 8:03 p.m.

Meeting Minutes 5/7/19

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Meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the pledge of allegiance.

Officer Wakefield gives his report. from April 3rd to May 7th there were 317 calls to service, 63 reports, one Grand theft Auto, 6 theft from vehicles, 3 fourth degree burglaries, one stolen dog, two robberies, two armed at railway inn. One purse theft, 25 traffic stops, 72 checks of locations.

Sheila’s few things..the community cleanup Manor alley Jack tore down his shed, cleaned up yard, and fixing up his property! so yay!!! and then there was something reported about eight people living on a house on holabird avenue. County came out 2 times.

We would like to have traffic and engineering put a speed camera at holabird and Searles road. Barry said he would like to invite Bill galeazzo to a meeting coming up general vote was approved for the invite.

Speed bumps on Rita road: traffic and engineering responded with a letter denying speed bump process. Kathy called and left a message waiting for a call back. Leslie and Rita road have no sidewalks, and there are no sidewalks from Delvale to rita place making it dangerous for children to walk to school.

Ledo’s fundraiser is May 13th, will post it at local businesses. we had a successful clean up!! Thank you all for the help! And making our community clean and beautiful!

Meeting ends at 7:52 p.m.

Meeting Minutes 4/2/19

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Meeting starts at 7 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance.

Sheila has no report.

Barry reports that code enforcement is supposed to sweep our area in regards to rat holes.

Need fliers on how to tend to rats, for houses that have rat holes.

Last months minutes were approved.

Pat said she called the county about the mud and clumps that they left when they did the road re-pavement.

Kathy states that the state highway administration recommends that they raise the intersection at the three-way Rita road, and Rita place.

officer Wakefield gives his report from March 5th to April 3rd. there were 244 calls to service, 43 reports, 0 overdoses,3 narcotics. there was a call for Holabird with two eighth-graders who had pot in the bathroom a 7th grader had two bags of pot on his person. one Grand theft Auto, 2 theft from vehicle, one miscellaneous theft, 2 first-degree burglary, one homicide at 1700 Brookview, 26 traffic violations, 3 parking citations, 63 checks of property, and one DUI.

we’re trying to get the turn at IHOP to be a no left turn we have to call traffic and engineering. The empty lot next to giant there are rumors that it’s either going to be a storage facility or a Target. the clay hills trail there’s a lot of homeless people and they’re leaving a lot of trash behind.

COP signs still need to be hung they can only be hung on certain polls officer Wakefield told us which ones they can be hung on. we’d like to add no soliciting to those community signs.

The tire place on Delvale and Holabird they have a donation box in the parking lot it keeps spilling over and people keep leaving all of their stuff laying in the parking lot. Seems to be a trend wherever the donation boxes are.

Meeting ends at 8:05 p.m.

A great American community organization for Dundalk and the Southeastern area of Baltimore County, Maryland.