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Meeting Minutes 10/2/18

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Meeting starts at 7 PM with the pledge of allegiance. Officer Addair was absent and Officer Briggs was there in her place. He gave the crime stats for our area “there a 55 reports for the month of September: 52 traffic stops, 3 crossing details, 2 overdoses, 2 theft from autos, 3 destruction of property, 1 armed robbery, 1 theft of auto, and 1 narcotics.”

Open the meeting with City Council President Jack Young to talk about Holabird Avenue and Dundalk Avenue and try to work together to reduce crime on the city/county line. Jack Young Said “there should be no lines between the city and the County, that we need to find solutions to these problems to minimize the crime.” The police Deputy Commissioner Bonaparte. “Brought his whole team here to deal with the matters. This partnership is great. They work with the Baltimore County on prostitution and drugs and car theft. Captain Brown is new, but she’s working through issues with Baltimore County to solve problems in collaboration with the city and the County.”

Major Brown said “Thank you for the invite their number one goal is crime reduction in the South East industrial side. In June and July They met with DOT in the industrial corridor and had 24 cars towed. The lot that the cars were on had 3 fatal overdoses, there were prostitutes using drugs on the lot. And unfortunately died from it.”  The crime numbers on the city side were very low with 15 disorderly conduct, 9 narcotics, 2 robberies. They decided to do a foot deployment and walk to talk to the local business owners. They brought a drug sergeant in. Looking to see that the businesses were in compliance with their licenses and up to code. The district commanders Look for calls to service and there isn’t a way for the city to share their statistics with the county and vice versa.

We should find a way to coordinate statistics from the Southeast City and Baltimore County. We did learn that as a County resident, We cannot call 911 and speak to the city 911 dispatch. That if we are in the County our dispatch automatically goes to the County. But there is an app for the city. It’s called BPD app. You can download it on your phone and use it anonymously. Or you can send an email to

Senator Salling said that Graceland Park met with the council at a meeting with the police. To try to problem solve. And that he appreciated Dawn and Dave working with the community to bring the attention to the crime and inviting the city to discuss the matters.

John Melzer stated that the intersection that we’re talking about at Holabird Avenue and Dundalk avenue is not only high in crime but also covered in trash. Trash brings on crime. We need to keep our neighborhoods clean. It will help with crime!

Deputy Commissioner Bonaparte said that the squeegee boys have  plagued to the city for some time. They have a task force to deal with the boys, but they’re mostly juveniles young people trying to earn money. homeless people are doing the same thing, and if we are going to prosecute the squeegee boys. We need to also prosecute the homeless. It has to be fair. (everyone seemed to agree to this)

The Colonel said that September 10th at their council meeting. It showed that the database  # calls for service with problems pertaining to the squeegee boys. They couldn’t do anything about the calls because the people would call on the boys, and then leave the scene, so when officer got there, they couldn’t prosecute without a statement from the witness. We were also told that during school hours, There is a school daytime curfew in the city so they are using units at certain intersections to enforce curfews. We also need to find out why these kids are hanging out on the street. Some of it might be drugs and some of it could be because they are hungry. There is a real food problem in the city.

When people are soliciting and its aggressive soliciting or panhandling the police need an accurate description of the person they need you to stay at this scene to report it.

Jack young said “We want to look at other City/County line Crime and see how agencies in other areas work together. that way we can replicate their programs and open dialogue between City and County police sharing stats and solving these issues.”

The city has a police sergeant working on a drug unit from the City with the County at 100 Dundalk avenue on the line sharing info w/ the County, Graceland  Park has been seeing a lot of phone orders for drugs because they are a quiet area. 6 people for the whole district working in that unit. But they’re creeping into our area.

Delegate Ric Metzgar said that we need to reach out to the juveniles in a room and see what they want. They need love and positive role models, County and City should come together and put something in motion.

City Community leaders had an event in Druid Hill Park to hear about what residents concerns were and find out what plagues the community. We need to find the root cause and we need a sustainable effort to solve issues with Council President and mayor’s office.

Senator Salling said that there are a lot of homeless kids in our area that have no parents around who go to school and still manage but they need love and compassion. It’s a milestone that kids need to help them grow. He met them doing his missionary work with the church.

Sergeant Stelmack , said that there is a numbers game in Baltimore County that if we want action. We have to call in crimes and report as much information as we can to dispatchers. That way when an officer gets to the scene of a crime. The officer is completely prepared for what they’re about to find. And if we don’t report it then problems won’t be fixed.

Jack young stated that his focus is on officers collaborating to get rid of this stuff. It doesn’t matter city, County there should be no line. Major Brown is going to reach out to Captain Wiedeck to open communication between city and County. Jack Young said thank you to Dawn and the officers for being open to communication. Major Brown gave us her email address, so that we can continue to communicate.

Mike Yancura gave his Treasury report. We have $1208.72 in the bank there has been no purchases and no change. Unfortunately. Mike has to stop being the treasurer and we open the floor and asked if anyone wanted to be the treasurer and Kathleen Sladics volunteered. The floor voted unanimous. Yay!!! Special thanks to Kathleen for volunteering.!!!!

Barry Sayer give his report said not enough headwind with the County that he’s working on Rat holes and tall grass.

Special guest Elaine Welckie from Johns Hopkins University with a tree full of paper. There’s a senior Expo tomorrow and Thursday, 150 exhibitor’s papers about kidney health October 6th activities for Hispanic heritage. September 15th through October, 15th

Alzheimer’s is October 17th And a program called to care for seniors, and caregivers for seniors who need assistance.

A monthly newsletter. And the Henrietta Lacks memorial lecture. If you need assistance or have problems at Johns Hopkins hospital she left her cards.

Hart miller Island trip is still an option, the boat launches from around Miller Island to Hart-Miller island, open to community associations. Doug Stanley, attending the meeting for Dun-Logan community stated that there is a giant tower. The West side is very nice. There’s a Lake and 8 Mile Trail and bikes to ride beaches, but there’s a lot of bay grass. And you can camp there for $5 a night.

John Melzer said please don’t blow grass in the road it’s bad for the bay and for motorcycles that grass to a motorcyclist is like a sheet of ice. We also stated that Baltimore County can fine a home owner Up to $1000 for anyone who is caught blowing grass in the street.

Linda Mooney stated that there was a traffic study done on railway and walnut and they got a letter that said that they did not meet the minimum requirements of traffic to do any kind of speed bumps so we’re going to get with her and try to help with this process.

Mike Belzner asked about the golf course at Sparrows Point Country Club to see if there was an update on Baltimore County planning from developer. We have not heard anything. We know it’ll be tied up for a few months pending approval.

Meeting ends @8:10pm

Meeting Minutes 2/6/2018

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Meeting starts at 7 PM with the Pledge of allegiance.

Officer Addair gives her report.

Quest diagnostics has no lights on. salvos has no lights on still. Finding used condoms in the alley.

Lund Lane.. trucks are coming through still we need signs that say no through trucks. A truck comes 4:30 AM once a week at Salvos and leaves the motor running while he’s delivering goods to the Auto store.

We are introduced to Captain Wiedeck. He Started working in 1989 in Old Dundalk he worked for 7 years, He became detective, narcotics unit, corporal, drug unit, Sargent, crimes Against Children, Auto Theft, Lieutenant Captain, Homicide, CIBD person, and now captain here! Lives in Harford county.

He stresses that the people in our community should not warm up their cars. With all the car thefts in the area its an easy target!!
And recommended that all residents with video cameras add their cameras to the police data base. If you don’t have regular cameras you can always get deer cameras they are cheap and effective.

Bob long came to our meeting and said that he would like to make you aware of the crime and gun laws. He’s working on bills. They’re working on tax reform. The Grange Elementary School parking issues he said he would bring it up with Todd Crandell. It was also mentioned that Merritt Boulevard and Westfield Road is a high accident spot.

Barry reports about the Rat Eradication. He says that code enforcement is not taking his complaints. He’s having to go behind the scenes to get things done.

No soliciting: We need a volunteer to call Dun Lee apartments for permission to post no soliciting signs for our community.

A letter was read aloud from the attorney general about the EPA, Department of public works, headache for the dumping of raw sewage on Lund Lane and Searles Road. It basically stated that they did not have permission to dump there.

Dave Rader called the Baltimore County Department of Transportation about the traffic light sensors at Searles Road and Holabird Avenue and asked to have them reassessed.

Local PUD’s are not bringing our community any benefits whatsoever. No one is reaching out to inform our community of PUD’ s. By law if there are any zoning changes Then the developers are supposed to provide a public benefit. An email was sent to the developers about 2 weeks ago and we have had no response. A large portion of our association has no access to a playground within walking distance.

Sparrows Point Country Club housing petition: No community benefit. They are selling property to keep bills paid. The deed says they can develop the land but they cannot sell it. A traffic study was done and it stated that our community was not going to be affected by the development’s added traffic. Everybody already knows that that road is a very busy road. It is one of the main hubs through Dundalk. Todd’s inheritance was promised plumbing from the developers of the Sparrows Point Country Club.

Mary Lambert volunteered to go to court with Dave to oppose the Sparrows Point Country Club PUD.

John Melzer stated to the captain that if people are dumping (littering)
they could bring it to his attention and he would go and clear the area.

Meeting ends at 8:16 PM.

Meeting Minutes 9/5/2017

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Meeting starts @7 pm with the pledge of allegiance.

Officer Addair gave her report.
Including info for the bcpd career fair saturday October 14th 2017 fair from 10am-12pm at the sollers point multi purpose center (323 sollers point rd. Dundalk MD 21222) seeking qualified applicants for positions of : Police officer, cadet, police explorer. Contact at 410-887-5542 or email at

Kathy stockman gave the treasurers report total $1305.31
-dumpster day -$300
Deposited + $22.11 for scrap metal
– check to IRS
Deposited +$880
-233.86 national night out
$630 left for citizens on patrol
+ donation from John melzer and Texas roadhouse $47.71

Our association came up with a challenge to raise money for the texas/ florida hurricane relief.
*challenge other associations to raise money as well to either red cross, catholic charities, goodwill.
Motion was passed donations will be raised.

Unfinished business
Dumpster day
national night out had 50 people in attendance
Insurance for the association is $450/year for future dumpster days
Need corporate sponsors

New business
Todd Crandell will be at our October 3rd meeting
And concern about commercial vehicle parking on residential streets

John melzer brought up north point blvd homeless people trashing up property near the flea market officer Addair volunteers to go with him so he could clean it up safely.

Dave and Mr. Melzer made a date to cut down weeds on a local property

Meeting ended at 7:54pm

Meeting Minutes 6/6/2017

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Meeting starts @6:58pm with the pledge of allegiance

Officer Addair is in training program so David Rader gave crime stats on her behalf

Todd crandel office is looking into who owns the property on Lund lane.

Medical facility on Merritt blvd. (next to Denny’s) Needs to maintain its grass in the fenced in marsh area. Lots of rodent activity living in there.

Kathy stockman gives the treasurers report.

Barry had no report to give. Said that Baltimore county was moving on calls, and sweep is coming soon.

Buzzy thanks all for making the meeting.

Yard sale was a bust. ( both days rained out)

Dumpster day 10-1 June 24th found a company went with M.A.S. Paid 300 for dumpster and waived dumping fee for 2 vehicles. Buzzy volunteered to scrap metal and donate funds to association!!

Planning a fundraiser at the Texas roadhouse 7-12-17 from 4-10pm must bring flier.

Next month * July no meeting we will meet August 1st for national night out behind Herman’s bakery from 7-8 pm. Bring your own chairs!!!

Next meeting is September 5th

We will try to get developers (of the project behind dennys) to come to our September meeting with blueprints to answer some community questions.

Meeting ends 7:55pm

Meeting Minutes 5/1/2017

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Meeting starts at 7 pm with the pledge of allegiance.

We have new guests so we did a round table introduction. 

Officer Addair gives her report. Lots of overdoses in our area. 

Kathy Stockman gives the treasurers report. 

Code enforcement has been out and taking pictures. William Galiazzo is back from medical leave, and out just doing his job!  🙂

Community yard sale is scheduled for May 6 with a rain date if May 7. 

Dumpster day June 24th. Buzzy offered to take scrap metal to owl corp. and donate the proceeds to the community association.

John melzer recommended that we call for a bulk trash pick up from Baltimore county $75.00 to help cut costs.

Entenmanns on Merritt blvd will be closing, rent is going up I the shopping center there. Can’t afford to stay.

Mary Lambert told us that poplar hardware sells metal trash can kids for 10$. 

Talk abou LHL meeting and enforcing a no soliciting community wide.

Block party schedule to national night out, alley behind Germans bakery. Every year we plan to pick a different alley. 

Sheila Yancura volunteered Michael Yancura to find out about the owner of property at Lund lane to fix giant hole in alley. 

Area behind Denny will start clearing. We have tried to get the developers to come speak at our meeting, and answer some questions.  No word from them yet.

John Melzer took almost 400 shopping carts last year alone from holabird east area. 

Concerns about Snyder ave. Speeding, drug activity, prostitution, and code violations. Are going to get looked into. 

Meeting ends at 8:10pm

Meeting Minutes 8-2-2016

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(Meeting for July was cancelled due to Dundalk fireworks rescheduling)

Community Association meeting August 2nd 2016.

Meeting started at 7:01 PM with the pledge.

Operation sasquach is making his mark with code enforcement.

We got our rat abatement.

We need a new vice president now that Dave is president.

Dons dumpsters through friend looking into dumpster day.

William Galiazzo had to 4 way bypass we should send him a card We need the info for the hospital.

We want to start a community walk group at 7 PM Thursday nights.

Katie Bennett volunteered to be our new vice president. Yay!

We need to get donations from local businesses and I need to talk to the Dundalk Eagle about our meetings being posted in the paper.

We’re doing a fall community yardsale in October. Date to be determined.

Our next meeting will be September 6th at 7 pm at 428 Westham Way (the new Dundalk Police Station)

Meeting Minutes 6-7-2016

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Held at Baltimore County Police Department, Precinct 12
Buzzy Stockman, President, in attendance.
David Rader, Vice President, in attendance.
Dawn Rader, Treasurer, in attendance.
Kelly Taylor, Secretary, in attendance.
Barry Sayer, Community Safety Officer, absent.
Officer Addair, Community Relations Officer, in attendance.

Meeting began at 6:58 p.m. Community association boundaries were confirmed.  The boundaries are starting at Merritt Boulevard
encompassing Westfield and Ives and continues to Dundalk Avenue county line, on Railway Avenue odd side only over to Holabird meeting the county line.  Largest community association in Baltimore County.

Mr. William Galiazzo from Baltimore County Code Enforcement spoke about the rat problem in the neighborhood and is scheduling a rat eradication for the neighborhood that will occur probably sometime in late July or August.
Mr. Galiazzo spoke about the fines, the costs, the violations.  He provided his personal e-mail address to the association and attendees if anyone has any problems  Mr. Galiazzo also took questions from the board and attendees.

Community Relations Officer Addair gave report of the crimes encompassing the association’s boundaries and discussed ways to report crimes to the police.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Redesigned Website

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Hello Dundalk residents!

This is the newly designed website for The New NHCA Inc.

Soon you will find many resourceful links and much information pertaining to our community. The links and information will include community events, FAQs, government and representative contact information and more.

If you have any suggestions, please, drop a line.


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