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Meeting Minutes 3/5/19

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Meeting starts at 7:01 p.m. with a pledge of allegiance.

Officer Wakefield gives his report says to lock cars spring is coming and with a lot of homeless and intoxicated and drug addicts they’re looking for a quick fix. from February 6th – March 5th there were 259 calls to service, 48 ended in reports. 6 theft from Auto, 1 miscellaneous theft, 2 robberies, 30 traffic stops, 90 checks of property, 1 DUI, 3 abandoned Auto. One death at Portship.

There was a SWAT team on Westfield road today looking into drugs at the apartments.

On Rita road officer Wakefield gave out citations at the stop sign.

We reported on the Balt. co.go. app at Merritt boulevard that the signs were down.

Kathy Sheila and Barry all have no reports.

We have foreign neighbors across the alley who have been blaring loud music and it’s making our walls thump and shake. They don’t speak English so it makes it hard to communicate.

Edgemere Bower’s farm and Sparrows Point Country Club puts us at around 408 additional homes Dundalk is the most populated in all of Baltimore county adding to overcrowded schools.

An email was sent to Baltimore county traffic and engineering about speed bumps on Rita road.

There’s a stop sign on Westfield and Searles that was moved to replace the gas line and we have to have it put back. It’s a hazard because people can’t see it so they run the stop sign.

Agreed that we should get a speed camera put at Holabird and Searles.

Back River restoration has a clean up scheduled for March 30th and a bull roast for March 10th.

Sexual assault hotline formed by Johnny O. 410-828-6390

Our fundraiser is going to be at ledo’s Pizza will receive 20% for an allotted time and date. date to be determined.

Thank you all for quality-of-life,💜

Meeting ends at 8 p.m.

Meeting Minutes 2/5/19

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Meeting starts at 7 p.m. with the pledge of allegiance

Officer Wakefield will be here he would just be a little late.

Sheila said trash is an issue still and reports codes over to Barry.

Treasury reports $1383.

Would like to see two time trash pickup and bulk trash come back + rat abatement.

Officer Wakefield likes his new uniform! January 1st – February 5th there were 568 calls to service, 84 reports, 1 overdose, 2 narcotics, 2 theft from Auto, one theft, 1 1st degree burglary, 94 traffic stops, 223 checks of location, 3 abandon autos, and eight parking complaints.

It’s reported that there were 15 auto accidents, one accident with personal injury, one involved an officer, and eight hit and runs.

There has been positive feedback from the new traffic pattern at Westfield Rd. & Merritt Blvd.

It’s reported that there were 15 auto accidents, one accident with personal injury, one involved an officer, and eight hit and runs.

North point government center in limbo it’s up to Johnny O. K9 and traffic management may be moving to Towson there is no final word yet.

Sparrows point country estates: schools are overcrowded 110% plus. there’s a law that blocks building because of schools overcrowding looking into that.

people are using Rita road as a cut through officer Wakefield going to check it out looking into getting a traffic study.

The new five guys should open this week.

There was a vote to pay a $100 membership fee for the 7th district Civic council of Baltimore county it was voted upon and in unanimous support it was approved.

talking about the government center it was said that it is the community hub and the heart of Dundalk there’s a huge need for it in our community kids need a place to go to and crime will rise without it.

We’re looking into doing a fundraiserTexas Roadhouse is a possibility maybe a paint night or Ledo’s Pizza.

John Melzer volunteered to pick up all the bags from our trash clean-up coming up the spring.

There’s a guy with a lot of bikes on Holabird Avenue officer Addair looked into it it seems legit, even though it’s zoned for residential which is questionable. There a lot of shopping carts on Holabird and Searles, and a lot of signs knocked over on Merritt and Holabird Avenue.

Meeting ends at 7:55 p.m..

Meeting Minutes 12/14/18

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Meeting starts with the pledge of allegiance at 7 p.m.

Officer Wakefield our new outreach officer! a 10-year at Dundalk, four-year midnight shift, aware of crime, and familiar with the streets. He gives his report, from November 6th through December 4th there are 447 calls to service 75 reports.

Officer Wakefield also recommended that if you’re selling things online you should meet at the police station parking lot for meet up, or in a public location.

Sheila yancura VP talked about the litter on holabird avenue.

Kathleen Sladics reported $1207 in Treasury.

Barry Sayer said there are houses with mud dirt and gravel in the yard (and trash) talking to Baltimore county about that Ives and Westfield alley.

Talk of a certain neighbor who intentionally sweeps his leaves in front of our neighbors house and there is a dumpster at salvos that was moved to the other side of the property.

Merritt boulevard and Westfield road has a new traffic pattern and there’s word that our streets are going to be repaved shortly.

The North point government center stalled sounds like something will happen there’s a push to be part of conservation not letting them sneak things through. Radio tower needs to be rebuilt and there’s word going around that Tradepoint Atlantic wants to foot the bill and take over the property in some kind of a deal.

There’s a new five guys next to Ollie’s.

John melzer said the back River restoration crew is working now.

There’s a vote for the officers positions it was unanimous that the people in the officers positions remained there.

Reminder dues by February 2019.

Meeting ends at 7:50 p.m.

A great American community organization for Dundalk and the Southeastern area of Baltimore County, Maryland.