Meeting Minutes 3/7/2017

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Meeting starts 6:59pm with the pledge of allegiance.

Officer Addair gives her report, crime stats to our area. Car break ins, robbery, auto theft, purse snatching.
We should look into a security guard for the new Rite Aid store on Holabird Avenue due to late night crimes.

Rise in online scams warns us to shop websites we know, do your homework, if shopping on Craigslist plan to meet in the day. Dont change plans or locations or agree to change last minute it could be dangerous. Go in pairs, and don’t give out personal info.

Monday Cheif Sheridon will be at the PCRC meeting at 7 pm.

Community Safety Officer Barry Report – Reports made aren’t being followed through with Balto. Co. Code Enforcement. Inspectors were coming but not doing anything. There are 3 new inspectors. We’ll see if they’re more competent (appear to be so). Lids on cans and Rat holes are main problem areas.

Police officers are now doing foot patrols in our area. As soon as nice weather comes they will be out on foot and on bike patrols as well.

Yard sale date is May 6th. With a rain date of May 7th. Mark your calendars!

June 24th is our community clean up date!!!! 🙂we will be looking into getting volunteers from boy scouts of America, and calling local high schools so students can volunteer for community service hours.

President made clarification that anyone can come to public meetings and speak in proper order so long as disruptions aren’t made.

Save A Lot, and PetCo are coming to Merritt point shopping center.

Meeting Minutes 01-03-2017

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Attendance taken.

Meeting 7:01 starts with Pledge.

Accomplished a lot last year
– Rat population declined
– Community / Police Neighborhood Walk
– Sweeping of alleys
– Rat abatement

Confirmed Alley between Manor Rd. & Searles Rd. is being re-worked this year.

Holabird East apartments is receptive to keep area clean. If you see it, please give them a chance to clean it up by giving them a call at 443-376-8471. David Rader spoke to Dianne, who was helpful.

Community Outreach Officer Report:
– C.O.P. presentation / training class available (in works)
– Reported local incidents
– Railway incidents x3 drug related
– Master list to officers of neighborhood security cameras can help detectives fight crime (and solve crimes quicker).

Stomach bug going around

Community cleanup in June w/ Rain date
Gloves / bags / pickup grabbers – Is anyone willing to donate?
Buzzy’s truck + Trailer. Buzzy & Dave will do trash-pickups. Gameplan in the works
2 man teams recommended minimum

Votes taken for all residing officers; Unanimous support.

David Rader II – President
Sheila Yancura – Vice President
Kathy Stockman – Treasurer
Dawn Rader – Secretary
Barry Sayer – Community Safety Officer
Buzzy Stockman – Sergeant At Arms

Year Goal – One person per block to join starting with immediate neighbors

Meeting called to Close at 8:02

Meeting Minutes 12-6-2016

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Attendance taken
Call to order at 6:59 PM
Pledge of allegiance

We have new officers.
The new treasurer is Kathy Stockman.
The new vice president is Sheila Yancura.

We went for community will with the local police in our community. They said a neighborhood looks good but could use more lighting. More light can help with crime deterrence. Dear cameras can be found relatively inexpensive and Dick sporting goods.

Crime statistics were relayed.

The Dumpster day and community cleanup day will be in June of 2017. The exact date is to be announced.

UPS was delivering in alleys. They were driving really fast and almost hit somebody.

The American flag was not flying at the local post office.

August 1 is the national laid out in 2017. We will be participating on that day.

A BGE or utility pole was tagged for replacement but has not been replaced.

A neighbor recommended that we use websites to look up sex offenders, because there are some living within our community. This link is provided by Maryland.

Rat Abatement coming up. Code sweep soon.

Dumpsters at Herman’s have been improved over the years, but still need significant improvement.

Meeting Minutes 11-1-2016

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Attendance taken

Pledge of Allegiance

Outreach Officer Crime Report:
Multiple car breakings

Buzzy: Dicks sporting goods deer cams as crime deterrent

Chips & Salsa Nov. 10 Chili’s

December 8 toy drive a chimney seafood 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Free buffet. Admission is toy unwrapped.

Common sense safety during holidays new line

A generator running for over a week ordinance is 30 days. It has to be a certain distance from the house. A rental house also has to have a hardwired smoke detector.

If hearing harsh language yelled on the street you can record and report it to police, since they’re yelling in public and disturbing the peace, especially if children present.

For calling in 911 you can remain anonymous unless it’s a life threatening circumstance.

We’re looking into a Citzen’s On Patrol (COP).

  • Information given to start a citizens on patrol with help from Precinct 12 Officers
  • Grants are available for next year from Baltimore County

Meeting Minutes 10/4/2016

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7pm Pledge of allegiance

Officer Addair gave a report
• Follow up
• black mazda
• Baltimore County Police hiring cadets and officers
• Crime Stats
• Not enough school crossing guards (plenty applicants, slow vetting/processing)
• 7400 block of Holabird Avenue was a hit & run involving narcotics
• Car break-in $5,000 of tools stolen
(Always mark your equipment with special marks & take pics, record serial numbers. Pawnshops are required to make information available)

Past NHCA President, John Ayers requested 15 minutes to speak. It was granted
• New Bay Bridge Crossing from Baltimore County to Kent County. He believes it will effect all Dundalk residents due to the proposed location.
• Presidential candidate Trump wants to build a casino / hotel / cruise ships nearby
• Potential of expanding our harbor depths so larger ships may dock (Tradepoint Atlantic?)
• Governor Hogan is working on on an underground railway from Downtown to the Eastern Shore

Went over minutes from months meeting.

Delegate Bob Long stopped in.
• He will be having a meeting Monday, Oct. 17 2016 at the North Point Library – Someone from Homeland Security will be there. He gave us his office number.
• See attached flyer.
• Wants to keep Ft. Howard medical center for Veterans

Past NHCA President Buzzy Stockman spoke
• DVD’s for vets! Bring any DVD’s you would like to donate to the veterans at Ft. Howard
• Knights of Columbus will be selling cards for active military serving over seas which can be filled out, then sent to them by Knights of Columbus. ($12.50 for 22 cards) Deadline Nov. 27, 2016
• Lawn clippings can be put only in a CLEAR bag if outside of trashcan

Community Concerns & Updates:
• Recycling not going down Westfield Rd. Alley
• [Butch Wilson, Ring Bell (Dave)]
• Rat abatement will take place at teh new development (by Osprey) behind Giant
• Captivate Church considering letting us use property for yardsale / bazaar
• Holabird Middle potential Dumpster Day location, must find contact

Local meeting flyer

Local meeting flyer

Meeting Minutes from 9/6/16

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7:01 PM meeting starts with the pledge of allegiance.

Officer Addair gave her report:
There’s an ongoing murder investigation fifty fourth and Eastern Avenue.
Eastfield road shots are fired. They are hiring cadets and officers of the police station.
Lots of calls being made, one theft 6700 railway block.
Two  burglaries Snyder Avenue, and four Georges Court.
One bomb threat at labor max. One juvenile arrest narcotics.
One armed robbery drug related 7400 Holabird Avenue.
Westfield road spray painted car and tires slashed.
Two destruction of property on Alvah Avenue.

Police Community Relations Councils hold meetings The second Monday of every month at 7 PM and they are open to the public.

An amendment was made and passed about renters being allowed to become members, and able to hold officers positions and allowed to pay dues to our association. No one opposed.

A member stated that he got 12 Flyers in six days. Wanted to know what could be done to prevent the waste of paper.

Barry is supposed to meet with code enforcement people for trash day sweep.

Dunlea apartments dumpsters are always overflowing and hazardous.

Dawn suggested to call the high schools for clean up crew volunteers. Kids who need service learning hours.

Yard sale is scheduled for October 1st. (But was cancelled due to rain. Rain date is October 8th)

Meeting Minutes 8-2-2016

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(Meeting for July was cancelled due to Dundalk fireworks rescheduling)

Community Association meeting August 2nd 2016.

Meeting started at 7:01 PM with the pledge.

Operation sasquach is making his mark with code enforcement.

We got our rat abatement.

We need a new vice president now that Dave is president.

Dons dumpsters through friend looking into dumpster day.

William Galiazzo had to 4 way bypass we should send him a card We need the info for the hospital.

We want to start a community walk group at 7 PM Thursday nights.

Katie Bennett volunteered to be our new vice president. Yay!

We need to get donations from local businesses and I need to talk to the Dundalk Eagle about our meetings being posted in the paper.

We’re doing a fall community yardsale in October. Date to be determined.

Our next meeting will be September 6th at 7 pm at 428 Westham Way (the new Dundalk Police Station)

Meeting Minutes 6-7-2016

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Held at Baltimore County Police Department, Precinct 12
Buzzy Stockman, President, in attendance.
David Rader, Vice President, in attendance.
Dawn Rader, Treasurer, in attendance.
Kelly Taylor, Secretary, in attendance.
Barry Sayer, Community Safety Officer, absent.
Officer Addair, Community Relations Officer, in attendance.

Meeting began at 6:58 p.m. Community association boundaries were confirmed.  The boundaries are starting at Merritt Boulevard
encompassing Westfield and Ives and continues to Dundalk Avenue county line, on Railway Avenue odd side only over to Holabird meeting the county line.  Largest community association in Baltimore County.

Mr. William Galiazzo from Baltimore County Code Enforcement spoke about the rat problem in the neighborhood and is scheduling a rat eradication for the neighborhood that will occur probably sometime in late July or August.
Mr. Galiazzo spoke about the fines, the costs, the violations.  He provided his personal e-mail address to the association and attendees if anyone has any problems  Mr. Galiazzo also took questions from the board and attendees.

Community Relations Officer Addair gave report of the crimes encompassing the association’s boundaries and discussed ways to report crimes to the police.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

A great American community organization for Dundalk and the Southeastern area of Baltimore County, Maryland.