Meeting Minutes 10/1/19

Meeting starts at 7 p.m. With a pledge of allegiance.

Officer Wakefield gives his report from September 4th through September 30th. There were 289 calls to service, 48 reportable offenses, 2 narcotics traffic stops both were marijuana. There was one Grand theft Auto, 4 theft from autos, 2 miscellaneous thefts, one 4th degree burglary, and one robbery. There were 33 traffic stops, 88 checks of location, 13 parking complaints, 3 abandoned autos and one DUI. Be sure to lock your car doors and make sure no valuables are laying out car break-ins have been on an upswing in our area.

Our vice president Sheila said everything is good she has nothing to report.

Kathy Sladics are treasurer reports that we have $1,745 in the bank.

Barry said everything is looking good mentions that residents have been remembering to call and report, the county was out for two days sweeping our area,  and left tags on all of the offender’s doors. We were reminded to take pictures when we send in code violations, that pictures go a long way. If the person has an offense, and you take a picture they are more likely to get a fine because code enforcement has actual proof. Rather than coming out and it being too late. You can contact code enforcement at 410-887-3351 or online.

Leslie road parking near Birch neighbor is parking on the grass in front of the house.

Are repaving in the Westfield area is complete all we need now is for the painted lines.

Harbor freight open today 10-1-19 they are still hiring.

Rod McMillion opposed the construction of The sparrows point country club estates  because of overcrowding. Our school district is already overcrowded there are already trailers on every school property here in Baltimore county and we don’t have the space for all the extra kids that they are planning for with this new construction.

The parking lot behind salvos on Westfield road has been paid and the taxes are in good standing.

There is a gas station being built on Holabird avenue and Delvale and no notice was given.

The crosswalk at Holabird and Delvale is a very dangerous spot in the morning, and there is no crossing guard for the middle schoolers.

There’s a new gun shop that opened up on Holabird avenue it’s been in the works for years no notices were given to the community. 

The neighborhood space Bill 37 – 19

In project development companies need a certain percentage of open space. They get around it by green roofs or pools in roof tops.  They’re closing the loophole making “real” Green space mandatory. 

Open floor . 

There was talk about homeless encampments in local areas. There was a question they needed to know what the law and code was regarding encampments. Police department can address it, and push them out if it becomes a problem or a nuisance. They do monthly sweeps.

Rita road got a bigger stop sign from traffic and engineering to try and curb people from running the stop sign. Leslie road and railway there’s a missing stop sign. Officer Wakefield informed us that any road shaped like a T does not need a stop sign.

There’s a disconnected trailer on Leslie and Birch officer Wakefield will look into it he said it has to be connected if it’s parked on the street. 

Meeting ends at 7:50 p.m.

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