Meeting Minutes 9/3/19

Meeting starts at 7 p.m. With the pledge of allegiance

Officer Wakefield gives his report August 1st through September 3rd there are 316 calls to service, 60 reports, 5 destruction of property, 2 overdoses (one died) ,2 narcotics, 2 Grand theft Auto, 4 theft from Auto, 3 thefts, 1 first degree burglary, and one 4th degree burglary. There were 30 traffic stops, 115 checks of location, 9 parking complaints, and 3 abandon automobiles. There’s been a lot of car break-ins in West Inverness. Heroin use is currently on an upswing.

Sheila our vice president was praising the new traffic poles by Dunkin donuts and IHOP.

Our treasurer Kathy note that July we had $1,656 in the bank she had some checks to make a deposit. 

We were approved for a grant of $400! $150 is for office supplies, and $250 is for national night out.

Barry would like to see speed cameras on Merritt boulevard, and at Holabird and Searles, as well as Delvale and Holabird.  There’s unanimous support for speed cameras at del-vale and Holabird.

Rod McMillion had a school safety meeting with us in July. Baltimore county public schools needs to know that the applications are not working there are no consequences there’s no discipline and we need to change that.

Repaving continues all over Dundalk this fall hopefully it will be completed.

National night out was rained out. 

Sparrows point country club estates sent us maps of their construction plans anyone who would like to look at them can contact us and we will surely share them with you.

There was a discussion about the parking lot behind Westfield road Ava has tried collecting the money Tracy Pender called the tax info and Mary made the plan to go and pay the property taxes so that we can secure the parking lot.

Harbor freight next to Ollie’s is now hiring so spread the word for anybody looking for a job.

Mary Lambert read an article about rats saying that they multiply rapidly and reproduce about 15,000 babies in one year so we need to get a handle on cleaning up the dog mess, and make sure trash can lids are on tight. So we can reduce the rat population in our area.

Parking in our area has been a major issue for some time and it was brought up that people need to take consideration with the way that they Park.

Meeting ends at 8:03 p.m

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