Official Response to Sewage Dumping

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Regarding the sewage dumping on Lund Ln. in Dundalk, MD that took place for over a month.

The gentlemen surrounding a concerned citizen in pink obtaining information in the video.

Official Response:

          It has now been confirmed by the Bureau of Utilities Chief that the dumping of raw sewage in massive quantities, by an out of state contractor has been taking place without permission in Dundalk for over a month.

          So far, the official government action that we are aware of has been to tell the company “cease all further dumping without express permission from Utilities.”

          Dundalk already has sewer systems in dire need of immediate maintenance (Colgate for example) being neglected. It’s obvious that further investigation and action must be taken by Baltimore County, and the State of Maryland. We need to hold anyone, including out of state contractors accountable, especially with prolonged utility misuse. Who’s going to pay for Norwood-Holabird’s infrastructure replacement if it has an issue?

          Originally we made a phone call to Councilman Crandell’s office we spoke to a Mr. Ron who informed us that this company doing the dumping had a permit to do so. We provided D.O.T. truck numbers over the phone to verify the company could legitimately dump there and we were told they had permission from State Highway. We officially dropped the issue with that information.

          Another member of our community continued researching the issue; The EPA and Md. Dept. of Environment were contacted and no one knew anything about a dumping permit for this company. We reached out again to Councilman Crandell’s office via email this time, so we could provide our community a hard-copy permit. Mr. Anderson replied and said they asked the Dept. of public works to investigate. He wrote “…from time to time, county contractors must pump out part of a section of sanitary sewer that is blocked and pump it back into an unblocked section to get it to the wastewater treatment plant. this is common practice and the contractors who do this are permitted by the dept. of public works to do so, however the contractor did not have permission to do this on Lund Lane.” That might also explain why they originally assumed and told us they had permission. Unfortunately, numerous truckloads of raw sewage came over the following month.

          Our community may have a combined 80+ volunteer hours away from our friends, family and work trying to track this issue down. Baltimore County and the State of Maryland should fully hold these companies accountable if they’re found avoiding proper procedures, especially for such a lengthy time and take into consideration the huge community effort to stop this. A clear method to prevent future misuse should also be instituted; a hotline or email for example. It shouldn’t of taken so many emails and phone calls to determine the legality of this massive dumping operation.

          The questions remain; Who has the authority to grant the dumping of raw sewage in Baltimore County? Who holds those accountable who dump without permission?

          Thank you to all the residents of the Norwood-Holabird Community Association for their work in resolving this issue, the communities of the 7th District, Baltimore County & The State of Maryland for their support.

Norwood-Holabird Community Association


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Doug Anderson <w—***—> Thu, Dec 14, 2017 at 2:51 PM
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Hi David & Nicole.


When our office was made aware of this issue, we asked the Department of Public Works to investigate. We know that from time to time, county contractors must pump out part of a section of sanitary sewer that is blocked and pump it back into an unblocked section to get it to the wastewater treatment plant.


This is common practice and the contractors who do this are permitted by the Department of Public Works to do so, however the contractor did not have permission to do this on Lund Lane. Here is what was reported to us by the County Bureau of Utilities’ Chief today:


The Bureau of Utilities and DPW have looked into the concerns of the New Norwood Holabird Community Assoc. expressed by their President David Rader.  We appreciate the eyes and ears of the Community Association and their request for information. We have the following findings at this time:


·         The Bureau of Utilities do not have any information that the material dumped involves an environmental issue.

·         The company Standard Pipe Services is a subcontractor to the Prime Contractor Anchor Construction.

·         The County does not have a direct contract with Standard Pipe Services.

·         Standard Pipe Services did not have permission to open up a sanitary manhole for the purpose of discharging the contents of their Vac Trucks at the Lund Lane location.

·         The Prime contractor Anchor has been instructed to cease all further dumping without express permission from Utilities.



Doug Anderson

Senior Council Assistant,

Councilman Todd Crandell

Meeting Minutes 12/5/2017

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Meeting starts at 7 PM with the Pledge of allegiance.

Officer Addair gives her report. 72 reports in our area. Officers recommend that we lock our car doors and keep an eye out for a package theft.

There was a 6 car accident on Merritt Boulevard at Westfield Road. We should request that traffic and engineering come and do a study on accidents there.

Lund Lane the hole was filled in by Buzzy Stockman.  A special thank you to Buzzy for his hard work!!!

Sludge dumping at Lund and Searles rd. Crandall’s office said they had permission to dump from state highway administration. The dumping has been going in for a few months now. Trying to get to the bottom of it.

Barry- reports good news for Ives lane Alley. Baltimore County will re- pave 60 feet of it. And the wall will be inspected this week.
Salvos was asked about the lighting again. They said they would talk to the owner.

Still working on the no soliciting community with David Patro.

The Police Department is cleaning up the junk cars on our street.

Vesper Avenue Church held a Alcoholics Anonymous or narcotics anonymous meeting on Halloween. Neighbors in the neighborhood were raising concerns about people loitering outside of the church. Especially being around all the children on that day it was bad Timing and poor judgment in scheduling.

Rat eradication is scheduled for December 11th.

January 2018 we will not have a meeting. Will be using January as our by month because it’s the coldest month of the year.

Goals for 2018 expand the NHCA membership, expand the COP, Get a P.O. box for our community Association, or easy Postal box.

April 7th we are hosting our community clean up. We want to look into getting shirts made for that.

Captain Lily said crime with the lowest on National Night Out lower than any other time of the year. So if we can keep people out and about it would help lower crime.

John Melzer in his cleaning efforts within our communities goes to the dump on Wednesdays. Offered to pick up any items dumped randomly said to just give him a call. *god bless you John and all of your hard work we truly appreciate it!!!!

Officer Addair requested communities add their security cameras to:

The county can use this as a tool to help solve crimes and pinpoint locations of crimes in our area.

Meeting ends at 8:01 PM.

Meeting Minutes 11/7/2017

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Meeting starts at 7 PM with the Pledge of allegiance.

Senator Johnny Salling has joined us for this meeting.

There are parking issues on manor Road.

On Westfield Road there’s oil and gas leaking from a car.

On Searles road and Lund lane a manhole was used to dump sludge.

BGE took out the old phone poles on sales road on Sunday.

The manor road and Westfield Road Hole is still there so senator salling will look into it.
The no soliciting community. Have to have a sign every entrance of the community, and need it to be approved with property owners. If we had a no soliciting community The people soliciting would need a permit or be charged with trespassing.

Salvos emailed and said they would install lights within the next few weeks.
Baltimore County code enforcement spoke to Barry about blowing grass clippings into the streets they will be issuing citations for $1000 starting next year.

Senator Salling- Thank you for the opportunity he apologized for not making it here before. Concerned about our County. likes seeing people caring about schools, businesses, kids, and joblessness. he has visited 26 out of 30 schools in Baltimore County. Wants to know how their doing. Lots of issues in curriculum and bullying. Teachers are being mistreated spit at, bit, having chairs thrown at them. We need to focus on accountability. Breaking guidelines. No balance with Board of Education. Kids Do bad things  get sent to the office with no punishment.

Landfill does not take paint anymore. Have to take it to the Warren Road site in Cockeysville. Salling states that Dundalk is more deprived than any other parts I don’t get it We want legal way to recycle our paint. Working with companies on finding a solution.

Senator salling trying to pass a new bill through Senate and house for certification in any skill or trade with job and school training. Trying to make it more accessible to get the skills we need. Trade point Atlantic promised that jobs would stay local. 2 bus lines used to run bringing one line back working on infrastructure bridges and Throughways. For the jobs that trade point promised they are going to need welders, cutters, fitters, burners, electricians. Good jobs bring home owners which makes the community better. (in time)

Delegates and senators for vets. Businesses need to come here and help our community and kids. He  Takes the job very personally especially when it comes to caring for kids seniors and vets. We need to bring back the middle class they are a gem for the community. Baltimore County has 11 new principals in these local schools. That’s 11 out of 33. The Baltimore County Superintendent is a temporary when we need a permanent one. They have more money in the City Schools but they have less than a fifth grade reading level. These kids are failing. Mr. Salling is ashamed of the Common Core math that was implemented and said that the University of Maryland should be ashamed of themselves. My downfall in the school system is all of the testing and the lack of accountability.

Meeting ends at 8:06 PM.

Meeting Minutes 10/3/2017

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Meeting starts at 7pm with the pledge of allegiance.

* Officer Addair gives her report including info on police academy program for citizens training.

*speeding is increasing in alleyways.

Councilman, Mr. Crandell will talk to Salvos about the lighting being out in the alley behind their store.

Treasurer’s report 200$ donated to go to hurricane relief

Barry asked about the stop sign being put back where it belongs on the corner of Westfield Rd. and Searle Rd.

Mr. Crandell said traffic and engineering should do a study of the area to assess the traffic issues.

Manor rd & Westfield storm drain has a giant hole in the concrete.

It was mentioned that on Holabird and wise trucking has increased so traffic study was done. Mr. Crandell said that the trucks are coming down these roads to avoid tolls they are looking into moving the toll plaza closer to the foot bridge to let trucks turn around without having to pay tolls.

*7 new association in Dundalk

For the rat problem go to Towson and voice opinions send state delegates letters from community associations or testify in front of council on any topic you want . Advocate for your community in Towson 6pm every other Monday 3 minute time limit so go prepared.

Annapolis is different you can only speak about the topics they choose to put on agenda. Work sessions on Tuesday after 2.

New business:
Merritt station paved roads by SunTrust and giant and big lots.
Senator Salling is going to be at our next meeting.

Todd crandell is optimistic about the future of dundalk and the investments happening in our community.

Dundalk has  problems with infrastructure rodents and drugs!

There are safe zones in Anne Arundel County at police stations and fire stations to get help. Baltimore County is taking baby steps into making a program to help. We have poor  citizenship and lots of trash.

Refurbished houses in the area economy improved commercial redevelopment finally on cusp. Home values should be coming up.

The government center.. legally the County sold it to a developer. Deed says state board of public works can approve or disapprove sale of property. Was challenged because the state put money into that property. the fields. Judge ruled board has authority its up to the judge and board if the property will be sold. Not currently in the agenda. It’s up to Governor Hogan to decide. Prediction If the judge denies the developer sues if the judge approves the community will sue. Reason being is that it was all done behind closed doors No one knows why it was an option. RFP came out 2 companies responded one was chosen. Sale was legislated for development. Then the community was notified. To redo the government center $18 Million the state concurred on assessment. Still just up in the air.

Police have unfunded positions in Baltimore County it’s the busiest Department County wide.

Hole and leak and falling retaining wall at Dunlea apartments, owner was notified

8:11 pm meeting ended.

Meeting Minutes 9/5/2017

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Meeting starts @7 pm with the pledge of allegiance.

Officer Addair gave her report.
Including info for the bcpd career fair saturday October 14th 2017 fair from 10am-12pm at the sollers point multi purpose center (323 sollers point rd. Dundalk MD 21222) seeking qualified applicants for positions of : Police officer, cadet, police explorer. Contact at 410-887-5542 or email at

Kathy stockman gave the treasurers report total $1305.31
-dumpster day -$300
Deposited + $22.11 for scrap metal
– check to IRS
Deposited +$880
-233.86 national night out
$630 left for citizens on patrol
+ donation from John melzer and Texas roadhouse $47.71

Our association came up with a challenge to raise money for the texas/ florida hurricane relief.
*challenge other associations to raise money as well to either red cross, catholic charities, goodwill.
Motion was passed donations will be raised.

Unfinished business
Dumpster day
national night out had 50 people in attendance
Insurance for the association is $450/year for future dumpster days
Need corporate sponsors

New business
Todd Crandell will be at our October 3rd meeting
And concern about commercial vehicle parking on residential streets

John melzer brought up north point blvd homeless people trashing up property near the flea market officer Addair volunteers to go with him so he could clean it up safely.

Dave and Mr. Melzer made a date to cut down weeds on a local property

Meeting ended at 7:54pm

Meeting Minutes 6/6/2017

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Meeting starts @6:58pm with the pledge of allegiance

Officer Addair is in training program so David Rader gave crime stats on her behalf

Todd crandel office is looking into who owns the property on Lund lane.

Medical facility on Merritt blvd. (next to Denny’s) Needs to maintain its grass in the fenced in marsh area. Lots of rodent activity living in there.

Kathy stockman gives the treasurers report.

Barry had no report to give. Said that Baltimore county was moving on calls, and sweep is coming soon.

Buzzy thanks all for making the meeting.

Yard sale was a bust. ( both days rained out)

Dumpster day 10-1 June 24th found a company went with M.A.S. Paid 300 for dumpster and waived dumping fee for 2 vehicles. Buzzy volunteered to scrap metal and donate funds to association!!

Planning a fundraiser at the Texas roadhouse 7-12-17 from 4-10pm must bring flier.

Next month * July no meeting we will meet August 1st for national night out behind Herman’s bakery from 7-8 pm. Bring your own chairs!!!

Next meeting is September 5th

We will try to get developers (of the project behind dennys) to come to our September meeting with blueprints to answer some community questions.

Meeting ends 7:55pm

Meeting Minutes 5/1/2017

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Meeting starts at 7 pm with the pledge of allegiance.

We have new guests so we did a round table introduction. 

Officer Addair gives her report. Lots of overdoses in our area. 

Kathy Stockman gives the treasurers report. 

Code enforcement has been out and taking pictures. William Galiazzo is back from medical leave, and out just doing his job!  🙂

Community yard sale is scheduled for May 6 with a rain date if May 7. 

Dumpster day June 24th. Buzzy offered to take scrap metal to owl corp. and donate the proceeds to the community association.

John melzer recommended that we call for a bulk trash pick up from Baltimore county $75.00 to help cut costs.

Entenmanns on Merritt blvd will be closing, rent is going up I the shopping center there. Can’t afford to stay.

Mary Lambert told us that poplar hardware sells metal trash can kids for 10$. 

Talk abou LHL meeting and enforcing a no soliciting community wide.

Block party schedule to national night out, alley behind Germans bakery. Every year we plan to pick a different alley. 

Sheila Yancura volunteered Michael Yancura to find out about the owner of property at Lund lane to fix giant hole in alley. 

Area behind Denny will start clearing. We have tried to get the developers to come speak at our meeting, and answer some questions.  No word from them yet.

John Melzer took almost 400 shopping carts last year alone from holabird east area. 

Concerns about Snyder ave. Speeding, drug activity, prostitution, and code violations. Are going to get looked into. 

Meeting ends at 8:10pm

Meeting Minutes 4/4/2017

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Attendance- Barry Sayer, Dawn and Dave Rader, Aiden and amaya, Sheila and Michael Yancura, Frank Ayers, Mary Lambert, Barbara Shell, Hazel Smith, Buzzy, and Kathy Stockman. Karen Lydick, Mike Belzner, Luther and Stephanie Tate.

Meeting starts at 7:00pm with the pledge of allegiance.

Officer Addair gives her report.
Car thefts in area urges people to not leave keys in car or spares on car.

Lieutenant Scherba is the acting captain while captain Lilly is on assignment.

Report stolen bikes to 911.

Talking about having a block party for national night out. In the alley of Westfield rd. The odd side behind Herman’s and Salvos. Permits are being filled out and submitted for the event.

Taxes were filed for past 2 years. After our association switched so many hands. We finally got it taken care of.

Barry reported there were 46 write up for code enforcement. Spring is showing . Grass is getting high. Cut your grass. Keep lids on trash cans. And clean up dog mess!!

Knights of Columbus are hosting an event on September 11th 11:30-5pm with food and drinks to thank first responders for their service to our community.

Community yard sale is May 6th with a rain date of May 7th. Is advertised in the Dundalk eagle so far streets involved will be Westfield rd, Searles rd, Ives lane, Alvah, Vesper, and Roberts ave.

Michael Yancura states that there is a hole in alley on Lund lane. We need to find out who owns the property to see who is responsible for fixing it.

Water bills are noticeably higher. New digital system was put in. Extremely long hold time for callers.

Regular visitor, Ms. Lydick asked for a treasury report. The Sargent at Arms said there will be no treasury report, but the president said there would be a treasury report. Ms. Lydick left abruptly.

Report from treasurer was given 3-31-2017 ending balance of 1225.31. Just made a $50 deposit making balance 1275.31.

Meeting ended at 7:55pm

Meeting Minutes 3/7/2017

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Meeting starts 6:59pm with the pledge of allegiance.

Officer Addair gives her report, crime stats to our area. Car break ins, robbery, auto theft, purse snatching.
We should look into a security guard for the new Rite Aid store on Holabird Avenue due to late night crimes.

Rise in online scams warns us to shop websites we know, do your homework, if shopping on Craigslist plan to meet in the day. Dont change plans or locations or agree to change last minute it could be dangerous. Go in pairs, and don’t give out personal info.

Monday Cheif Sheridon will be at the PCRC meeting at 7 pm.

Community Safety Officer Barry Report – Reports made aren’t being followed through with Balto. Co. Code Enforcement. Inspectors were coming but not doing anything. There are 3 new inspectors. We’ll see if they’re more competent (appear to be so). Lids on cans and Rat holes are main problem areas.

Police officers are now doing foot patrols in our area. As soon as nice weather comes they will be out on foot and on bike patrols as well.

Yard sale date is May 6th. With a rain date of May 7th. Mark your calendars!

June 24th is our community clean up date!!!! 🙂we will be looking into getting volunteers from boy scouts of America, and calling local high schools so students can volunteer for community service hours.

President made clarification that anyone can come to public meetings and speak in proper order so long as disruptions aren’t made.

Save A Lot, and PetCo are coming to Merritt point shopping center.

Meeting Minutes 01-03-2017

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Attendance taken.

Meeting 7:01 starts with Pledge.

Accomplished a lot last year
– Rat population declined
– Community / Police Neighborhood Walk
– Sweeping of alleys
– Rat abatement

Confirmed Alley between Manor Rd. & Searles Rd. is being re-worked this year.

Holabird East apartments is receptive to keep area clean. If you see it, please give them a chance to clean it up by giving them a call at 443-376-8471. David Rader spoke to Dianne, who was helpful.

Community Outreach Officer Report:
– C.O.P. presentation / training class available (in works)
– Reported local incidents
– Railway incidents x3 drug related
– Master list to officers of neighborhood security cameras can help detectives fight crime (and solve crimes quicker).

Stomach bug going around

Community cleanup in June w/ Rain date
Gloves / bags / pickup grabbers – Is anyone willing to donate?
Buzzy’s truck + Trailer. Buzzy & Dave will do trash-pickups. Gameplan in the works
2 man teams recommended minimum

Votes taken for all residing officers; Unanimous support.

David Rader II – President
Sheila Yancura – Vice President
Kathy Stockman – Treasurer
Dawn Rader – Secretary
Barry Sayer – Community Safety Officer
Buzzy Stockman – Sergeant At Arms

Year Goal – One person per block to join starting with immediate neighbors

Meeting called to Close at 8:02

A great American community organization for Dundalk and the Southeastern area of Baltimore County, Maryland.